Named the most attractive part of the male and female body

In regard to the most attractive parts of the body, men and women show a surprising unity. The survey showed that of those, and others prefer a partner, especially with sports, flat stomachs.

Conducted a survey in the UK showed that 25% of women dream about men with dice on the press, like David Beckham. This is the most popular suggestions concerning male figure. In second place muscled arms (23%), and the third well-formed chest muscles. For both men the most exciting part of the female body, most calls sporty flat stomach, like the fact that there is a Rihanna (33%). "Sensual" buttocks in second place (25%), and elastic hips on the third (11%).

Named the most attractive part of the male and female bodyThe survey showed that the British as ideal of beauty and sexuality are increasingly choosing athletic body. Popular models of "size zero" and skinny girls to the past, which is not good. More than half of women (51%) would like to be athletic, and not lean body. On the "bony" as an ideal attraction for the stronger sex, dreaming only 10% of women.

Olympic factor was to determine man's sexuality. 24% of respondents have a dream body athlete, 16% - the swimmer, 11% - the cyclist, and less than 10% - a football player. Experts see this shift in public perception ideal of beauty very positive. Now, to gain sexual girl's body will not sit on a diet and risk becoming a victim of anorexia. They'll go to the gym, swimming pool, will be engaged in running and cycling.

In addition to an enviable body this mode of life will protect them from all kinds of diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. (READ MORE)