Gerard Depardieu

Warring with the government of France famous actor Gerard Depardieu, yesterday flew from Paris to Rome. His appearance immediately raised concerns for the health of a movie star - Depardieu carried in a wheelchair.

Recall that a few days ago Gerard Depardieu refused French citizenship. This happened after the French prime minister called a "pathetic" solution actor register their residence in the Belgian village to avoid the tax on the income of 75%. From 1 January 2013 it will be so much to give to the French budget, earning more than a million euros a year.

Depardieu mortally offended at the words of the Prime Minister and said that no longer considers himself a citizen of France. The actor said that working for 14 years and transferred to a tax of more than 145 million euros. The media began to appear on the version, the passport which country itself now choose Gerard Depardieu. At his press conference, Putin said he was ready to ask the immigration department to issue documents Russia famous Frenchman in an expedited manner. FMS later confirmed that he would do it on demand Depardieu.

Gerard DepardieuBut in the frozen Moscow actor not arrived. Instead, he landed in Rome, where he was driven across the room to the car in a wheelchair. This is all the more strange that a couple of days ago Gerard highway cutting through a scooter and looked perfectly healthy. This time, on the face of a movie star reflected the whole range of torment, it was evident that Depardieu is experiencing severe pain.

There were rumors that the health of Gerard deteriorating rapidly. The actor did not comment. It is unknown what he was going to do in Rome, where it will live in the future. (READ MORE)